Digital marketing – a little story

Our world is moving at an incredible speed, everything is changing faster than ever. Ten years ago, some basic SEO knowledge was enough to get your site up and running in the search engine. Then paid advertising appeared on Google and social networks – and instead of waiting for the site to rise in the search results, you could immediately attract visitors using advertising. This is how Internet marketing appeared – it is a set of tools and practices for promoting your product on the Internet. Every year, the number of users on the Internet has grown, the competition for their attention is higher, the services and tools for working with the audience are much wider.

Companies began to reallocate their budgets in favor of Internet channels and, as a result, knowledge in Internet marketing became insufficient, which marked the beginning of the era of digital marketing. In particular, his new directions: mobile marketing, marketing in Smart-TV and so on, but let’s get it all in order.

Popular promotion channels in digital marketing

The most important, by right, can be called the Internet and devices that provide access to it (computers, tablets, smartphones, etc.). As a means of obtaining information, communication and self-realization of a person.

Local networks. Internal computer networks of companies (extranets) or urban areas, in fact, are self-sufficient information systems. Where users can communicate, play, exchange the necessary information. At the moment, the integration of local networks with the Internet is gradually taking place. By the way, Mesh networks can also fall into this category.

Mobile devices and tablets. Previously, brands conveyed messages via SMS, now installing applications, using games and mechanics related to user geolocation (Pokemon Go example) and others are popular.

Digital television, every year more and more confidently crowds out analog and is gradually integrating with Internet applications. Already, you can use the TV to go to your Facebook page, watch a video on vimeo or find out the latest news.

Interactive screens, POS terminals. We often encounter them in a store, on the street, even in subway cars. This is a type of digital media that is gradually replacing standard outdoor advertising, because it allows you to interact much more closely with the consumer and hook him up with a message or, like POS terminals, help in making purchases.

IoT – Internet of Things – devices that can collect information, use it or transfer it to other media. For example, smart watches, smart plugs, smart homes, cars.

Blockchain / DAG systems are decentralized systems that should replace the traditional Internet and become the new web 3.0. Moved into a separate category, since it is not necessary to have access to the Internet to access the blockchain, and many solutions completely bypass traditional web 2.0 communication protocols.

Virtual Reality / Augmented Reality and other related systems – of course, in order to use VR capabilities you need a computer, but there are already solutions that allow you to connect directly to the application through glasses, a bracelet, etc. Since this direction is now very rapidly developing, I decided to take it out in a separate direction.

Digital art is any art form where a computer is used to create or reproduce artwork. It can be a drawing, sound, animation, video, game, website, algorithm, performance, or installation. Many traditional art forms integrate digital technology, and as a result, the lines between traditional art and digital media become blurred.

Digital marketing

Popular promotion tools in online marketing

To complete the picture, I will tell you about the main tools for promoting a company in digital marketing. The classification is conditional and on the Internet you can find dozens of examples of a slightly different distribution, this is purely my vision.

A digital product can be a website, an application, a video, an infographic, a social media account, and much more. In fact, it is a means of conveying information to the user. Media can be different – an Internet resource, a digital panel on the street, your smart refrigerator, etc.

Native Promotion – embedding product advertisements in feature films, videos, games, blogger interviews, etc. The medium can be a PS game, a message on your Smart TV, or whatever.

Popular online promotion tools

SEO is a set of works to raise your resource in the search results of Google or any other search engine.

Paid Advertising – Pay for showing your message on third-party resources through AdWords, Bing, Facebook, teaser system or any other.

Affiliate marketing – payment of remuneration to a partner for an attracted client. Often paid as a percentage of the sale made. On the Internet, partner networks are often used to search for such offers.

SMM – working on social networks, promoting your pages and content in Facebook, Tik-Tok, Instagram, Youtube and many other systems. Social media is the primary distribution channel for viral marketing.

Email marketing – mailing letters to your own and partner bases.

Content marketing is the promotion of the required message through different types of content: pictures, videos, educational books, online tests, etc. Third-party resources are often used for promotion: Youtube, Pinterest, Soundcloud, etc.

PR / ORM direction – creation and management of online reputation. Working with forums, review sites, aggregators, opinion leaders, etc.

Product marketing is the use of product characteristics as a channel for user interaction. Examples: landing page, push notifications, interfaces, application functionality.

Chatbots are programs for working in messengers telegrams, facebook, slack and others. Often the main task is to help the user find information or automate routine tasks. I am sure that trends in the development of the digital sphere will be aimed at creating new types of interaction with the audience. The last two words are key to understanding the essence of this direction. For the first time in the history of marketing, there is such an opportunity for interaction, where consumers themselves can create a product, such as they want to get. Say what they think – and be sure that they will be heard. Now even a small company with a unique and interesting product, without special advertising budgets, can convey its message to millions of potential consumers in a matter of minutes and become a large corporation. On the other hand, one negative product review can critically affect a company’s sales. Responsiveness to change has become a critical survival factor. We consume more information per day than our ancestors per year. The world has become faster, the world has become more transparent, the world has become more interesting. And only in such a world could digital marketing emerge in all its forms.