10 Factors to Consider Before Buying Microsoft Surface Pro 7

With the release of the Microsoft Surface Pro 7, a large number of users have changed their consumption pattern. Its easy-to-use features, performance, expandable storage capacity, and battery life is what attracted the users most. This ultraportable Microsoft product also comes at an affordable price and is highly available in the global market. It also gathered positive responses from the consumers for its accessibility and design.

On 22nd October 2019, Surface Pro was officially launched; till then, it has been one of the highest-selling Microsoft products. Despite having a 12.3-inch display, it also has an excellent keyboard with super-swift keys, improving the user’s typing experience. Further, when it comes to including advanced security features, Microsoft is hard to beat.

In Surface Pro 7, there are plenty of security options that can protect the device from potential hackers. It’s been rated as one of the most flexible Microsoft devices for performing day-to-day business work.

There are also additional tools like Surface Pen, which is specifically designed for effortless writing and doodling. But, if you are looking for a 2-in-1 convertible laptop for playing or streaming online games, the Surface Pro 7 is not the right choice. Using this ultra-light and durable laptop, opt for video editing; you can easily accomplish animation tasks.

But, before purchasing this Surface Pro model, certain aspects need to be checked. Want to know what those are? Here, we are compiling a few factors that you should consider analysing before proceeding to the buying part.

1.   Design

Microsoft has acquired widespread recognition for offering users well-designed devices, and Surface Pro 7 is not an exception. You can easily convert this tablet into a laptop, all thanks to its rear-facing kickstand and the optional Signature type cover keyboard. Moreover, this Microsoft product comes in two different colours — Matte Black and Platinum. Though the black variation looks more appealing, you can also go with the other colour.

Surface Pro 7 contains 0.5-inch-thick bezels, and you can rotate this device at 165 angles by adjusting its kickstand. Additionally, you can easily place the optional Surface Pen on any side of this tablet. This device is comparatively heavier than the iPad Pro. But, you can efficiently carry the Surface Pro 7 anywhere, even while travelling.

Microsoft hasn’t made any significant changes in its Surface series for years. So, if it adds features like HDR or enhanced color gamut coverage, that will be great. Also, the bezels of Surface Pro 7 are slightly thick for a tablet, so they might consider changing those as well. And, for resolving the issues from this device, make sure to contact Microsoft Surface Repair experts.

2.   Ports

In Surface Pro 7, there’s a USB-C port that will help business owners to transfer data quickly. Aside from USB-C, the users can also get a USB-A port, a MicroSD slot, and a headphone jack as well. Along with these, there is also a Surface Connect port, but do you know what it is for? With the help of the Surface Connect port, you can transfer media files at high speed.

Microsoft has finally added a USB-C port, and you can’t charge any other laptop or PCs via that port. So, Microsoft should think about equipping a Thunderbolt 3 instead of this standard USB 3.1 port. It will help the users to get a 40 GB/s transfer rate and improve their satisfaction level as well.

3.   Display

Whether you want to surf the internet, stream online videos or need to complete the essential office work, Surface Pro 7’s 12.3-inch screen is ideal for that. Moreover, you can get precise details of everything while using this Microsoft product. Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s 5-megapixel front-facing camera is one of the consumer’s most-liked features. It also comes with an infrared sensor which is compatible with Windows Hello face recognition.

It also has 395 nits of brightness which is much better than a standard laptop. Surface Pro 7 is widely known for having a solid 97% of the sRGB colour gamut. Though Surface Pro 6 has a better colour gamut percentage, that’s not something Microsoft should ever change.

4.   Audio

Well, Surface Pro 7’s audio speakers are ideal for watching YouTube or Netflix videos. But while listening to your favourite songs, you will require more volume. In certain cases, you might face hindrances to get high sound quality. Though you can hear the tunes of guitars clearly, but while understanding the drum tabs, you face difficulty. Microsoft has earlier announced to change the low-volume speakers of Surface Pro 7. But, till now, it hasn’t made any improvements or fixed the sound issues.

5.   Keyboard

Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s Type Cover’s keys are pretty flexible for typing without making any mistakes. By using its swift keys, you can enhance the daily productivity level. Moreover, you can purchase multi-coloured Type Covers and personalise the slates as well. Usually, there are three keyboard colours available — Cobalt Blue, Black and Platinum. So, choose a preferable one. Further, you get to improve the typing speed using Surface Pro 7.

6.   Touchpad

It also has a 4-inch-wide touchpad which is stain-free and easy to use. But there isn’t any Ctrl key on the right side of the device, which might delay the work. Especially, if your daily work involves copying, pasting or formatting, then Surface Pro 7 might not be the suitable device.

7.   Performance

Intel Core i5-1035G4 CPU is responsible for Surface Pro 7’s power-pack performance. It also comes with 8 GB RAM and is also ideal for multitasking. Besides, this Microsoft device won’t slow down while switching from one application/website to another. You can attach a 256 GB SSD card to this device to store the maximum amount of data.

Transferring 5 GB files at a decent speed has become possible using this advanced device. Though Surface Pro 7 is not meant for playing death-matches, it can handle non-intensive games. You can play clickers games like Forager at 47 fps using this device.

8.   Battery Life

Microsoft Surface Pro 7 can last up to 10.5 hours without a single charge, but that’s not enough, right? Especially for the individuals who work for more than 10 hours. In certain cases, you have to keep a portable charger to power up the device. Surface Pro 6 has better battery longevity than Surface Pro, and users also didn’t appreciate Microsoft Surface Pro 7’s battery life. So, now it’s up to you — whether you want to go with such limited battery longevity or not.

9.   Price and Availability

This Microsoft product comes in an affordable range, but you have to pay more to get a better package. If you want to get 128 GB RAM instead of 4 GB, choose that while buying the Surface Pro 7. Moreover, you can also choose a preferred colour scheme and an advanced processor by adding a few more AEDs. There are also different configuration options in the Platinum colored-Surface Pro 7 compared to the Black one.

10.    Specifications

Microsoft Surface 7 Pro contains an AI acceleration, integrated Gen 11 graphics and 10 nm “Ice Lake” design. It also has specifications like a light sensor, magnetometer, and gyroscope. Other features include 8-megapixel rear-mounted cameras, Bluetooth 5, Wi-Fi 6 and dual mics. The latest version of Surface Pro 7 also has Windows 10 Home.

Microsoft Surface Pro 7: Is it Worth Buying?

When it comes to displaying quality or performance, Surface Pro 7 is worth mentioning. It also has a super-responsive touch screen which is also worth praising. But, specific components like the bezel or speaker’s quality need to be changed to mitigate the user’s requirements.

Additionally, the Surface Pro 7 is not an all-in-one device, and it’s only for handling heavy business loads. The Surface Pro 6 is better than this Microsoft Surface model. So, now it’s your time to figure out whether to opt for this laptop based on your requirements.